How to Use a Computer

I stayed in a bed & breakfast at Harvard Square this weekend and found the most amazing hotel computer setup I’ve ever seen. I just have to share this.

Here is the whole iMac in all of its glory, adorned with detailed instructions for the novice computer user.

Closing applications is the Mac's turbo button.

Sad and confusing that the arrows don't line up with the icons. Good to know that I can use Skype for Skype though. I was also confused as to what "viruses" referred to, until I read the much more common terminology,

Easily the worst UI paradigm of OS X, explained succinctly.

No idea why this one was put on the back. Maybe they got sick of people using the shared computer for porn.

Oh, in the USB port? Right.

I have to believe this was all constructed after the 100th parent dropping their kid off at Harvard for Freshman Week asked the manager how to use a Mac. It’s so ridiculous, but part of me kind of loves it.