Olin's Gay Shame

How would you feel, years later, about a college that issued a statement in support of Loving v. Virginia and then retracted it due to pressure from its alumns?

Today my alma mater “officially” retracted apologized for a Facebook post celebrating the repeal of DOMA, which allowed the many LGBT Olin College community members – faculty, staff, students, and alumns – who are married or will be married in the state of Massachusetts – to enjoy equal protection under federal law.

As a matter of policy, Olin College does not endorse any political candidate or political cause, or any religious point of view.

Where is the controversy? Marriage equality is now the law in your state and in your country. Does Olin College hold no official position on marriage between heterosexual couples?

Shame on you, whoever made that call. Ordering an employee to remove disown that post was a statement. It was a statement that you would rather disown the LGBT Olin community than risk offending the tender sensibilities of a few bigots. You’ve helped create a piece of our collective memory around this historic decision, and it’s not one that any of us can be proud of.

EDIT 7/12/2013: It was called to my attention that Olin didn’t actually delete the Facebook post, they only issued an apology for it. My mistake.

It’s also worth mentioning that the original post had 120 likes and only 2 detractors. The Olin community is still a very open and accepting one.